The spread of COVID-19 infection continues to rise, the concerns about the disease spreading across people who have traveled from an infected country to another country have been a the biggest threat.

Care providers are dedicating endless hours to delivering emergency treatment to most patients, diagnosing and treating patients remotely can help ease the burden of urgent-patient care situations whilst offering peace of mind for the patient.

So, in reality, the good news is that we do have the technology to minimise the spread of the virus from person-to-person and country-to-country. Telehealth and remote patient treatment as well as care have greater potential to empower treatment for viruses such as COVID-19.

The live video quickly connects medical professionals with patients without having to undergo inperson contact in order to get access to medical treatments. Naturally, the solution also motivates the patient to communicate and educate other on how they can protect themselves from getting infected by using a virtual consultation. A 35% increase in better patient outcome is reported when patients use tele-health solutions with communication features when compared to in-person treatments.